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20+ Spotify Playlists for $5 each!
We use A.I. Technology to boost your Spotify stats, where it will get played in real locations.
The Four Steps to Increase Your Monthly Spotify Listeners
We use Artificial Intelligence x Outside Locations to play your music in more than 1,000,000+ Locations Worldwide.

Step 1 - Place Order

Submit your music to our team by placing an order with us via our site and copy and paste your Spotify song URL onto our order form.

Step 3 - We Submit Song to Playlists

We will begin to submit your song to suitable Spotify Playlist Curators and obtain at least 25 playlist positions for our lowest pacakage. 

Step 2 - Our Team Reviews Your Song

Our team will review your song and see if it meets the criteria for playlist submission. If your song is not suitable you will receive an immediate refund.

Step 4 - You Get Paid For Streams You Receive

We will finally add your song to Playlists, and our partners will play it from a Coffee Shop, McDonald's Restaurant, Lounge, or any other venue with Spotify installed and used daily for Music. We are the first company to do this in a 100% legal way. You will then be paid for the streams you get via your agregator (Tunecore etc).
Spotify Playlists Major Record Labels
  • 24K Clients Worldwide
We partnered with many small businesses that use Spotify as their primary Music Source. Over 25,000+ companies use our partner playlists, and they come mainly from the USA. Whenever they stream your song, they will get a cut from the plan you purchased.
  • Achieved over 34 Billion Streams
Our services offer you a range of packages developed to give smaller artists a chance to break through to larger audiences on the Spotify music streaming platform. This service has been key for many of our clients who got discovered by major record labels.
Terms & Conditions
Please note our service takes approximately 7-14 days to complete. Any Playlist your music is placed on is not owned by us. We also cannot give you a list of potential playlists prior to placing an order and allowing our team to review your music.
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